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How It Works

Add Photos

Picplum lets you upload photos in three ways: the traditional file explorer pop-up, drag-and-drop and via email. At anytime you may email photos to photos@picplum.com to add them to your account.

To drag-and-drop photos, log into Picplum and go to the Upload page. Drop any photos from your computer to the purple drop area. Your photos will instantly begin uploading.

Add a Recipient
Add Recipients

A recipient is someone you specify to receive either photo prints in the mail and/or photos via email. Visit the recipients page to add new recipients or manage current recipients.

To add a recipient, first click the dropdown to select if you want the recipient to receive prints, email or both. Then fill out their information and click add. That's it! To edit past recipients, simply click edit next to their name.

You may add or remove recipients at any time. Editing recipients will not affect photo prints you have already sent.

Send Picplum Photos
Send Photo Prints

After you have added your first photos and some recipients to send them to, you're ready to send your first batch of high quality photos.

You will then be shown the option to enable monthly prints if you wish. Every month you will be emailed to remind you about a pending photo delivery that is set to take place automatically. You may also log in and click the yellow "Send Now" button to deliver your photos earlier.

View Print Package Status
View Package Status

Easily see exactly when any of your photo prints have been printed and shipped. Simply browse to the photos page, then click the status date on the gray bar above each set of photos. A box will slide down to show you more details about your prints.

You may also contact us from here by clicking "Need help" in the unlikely event that your prints were damaged or did not arrive.

Browse All Photos
Browse Photos

All of your photos and past batches are viewable on the main photos page — that's all there is to it!

Photos that have not been sent yet will appear on the top of Photos page. The pending batch of photos is identified by a bright blue bar. You may delete a photo by hovering over it and clicking the X icon that appears.

Add a Contributor
Add a Contributor

Contributors are people you want to grant the ability to upload photos to your account. Contributors may not log into your account, but they are able to email photos in and have them appear on your account. You may add as many contributors as you wish and revoke their access at any time.

Just visit the account page to add the email address for the contributor you want to add. Check your email to confirm.

Ordering prints doesn't have to be a hassle!

  • Easy to Use

    We created Picplum to provide remarkable ease of use. Simple things like being able to drag and drop photos and the convenience of automatic photo prints make Picplum a cinch.

  • High Quality Prints

    With Picplum's premium lustre paper and printing process you get stunning prints that will last for years to come. View our products page to learn about our prints.

  • Worldwide Shipping

    Picplum can even ship your prints internationally, because loved ones live worldwide. Learn more about shipping and Picplum pricing on the products page.

  • Custom Messages

    Coming soon: Add a custom message for each person that receives your prints. The perfect way to add a special touch to a great gift.

  • Never Forget

    Always stay in touch with loved ones with the optional monthly photos feature. Every month, Picplum will remind you to add new photos to print and send.

  • Private

    Your moments are private between you and your family. And that's how they remain with Picplum. Your photos are not publicly visible.

  • Amazing Support

    Friendly Picplum staff is available around the clock to assist you with any issue or question.

  • Your Best Moments

    Picplum is all about keeping track of your very best moments. We make it easy to experience your favorite photos.

  • Contributors

    Share your Picplum account with others. Add their email address to your Picplum account and they can email photos to be included in your next batch of prints!

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Every month my family gets a set of printed photos they absolutely love. Picplum connects our family in a new, meaningful way.
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Erika Lehmann Erika Lehmann
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Picplum delivers something really valuable — a simple and elegant way to share family experiences with loved ones. It's a pleasure to have nice prints show up in the mail every month
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Phillip Chin Phillip Chin

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