Print Your Instagrams With Picplum!

We all love Instagram here at Picplum (Paul has taken over 1600!). Now you can easily select and print all your favorite Instagram photos on Picplum! We can even automatically grab any Instagram photos you take and add them to your Picplum account without you having to do a thing.

Picplum Announces Instagram Support!

To open our Instagram photo picker, click on the Instagram button in our photo uploader (you can still upload photos from your computer or drag them into the box if you want). Once you authenticate your Instagram account, we’ll show you a list of all your Instagram photos.

The Picplum Instagram photo pickerInstagram photos you’ve already selected are marked with a check.

Click on the ones you want to print, and watch them get uploaded to Picplum immediately. That’s it! All of your square photos will default to a square paper size so nothing gets cropped. Our 4x4 prints also fit nicely in our brand new packaging. (You can also order 5x5 prints if you want your Instagrams to look a little bit bigger!)

Automatic Uploads from Instagram

Picplum can also automatically grab your Instagram photos as you take them.

Enable automatic Instagram uploadsClick this toggle in the bottom-right hand corner of the Instagram picker to turn on/off automatic uploading.

Any Instagram photo you take after you enable automatic uploading will ready and waiting for you to print them on whenever you want. Even if you opt out of this service, we’ll grab any Instagram photo you tag with #picplum and get it ready for printing.

Visit Picplum to get started! Happy printing!