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Shalom Ilonka

My approach to photography is one of simplicity. Through my use of simple and traditional techniques I strive to represent photography at its purest. My style is….neo classical….if I had to put a name on it…but I prefer not to as it can build expectations juxtaposed to barriers for change. Styles (probably more correctly genres of photography) I like and try to emulate are Noir, Alternative and Avant Garde. Influences include Tim Burton, David Lynch, George Orwell, anything dickensian (think Sweeny Todd) and dystopian (think 1984). I’m not pessimistic, but I like to create images that suggest more is going on that can be seen. Anyone paying attention will see there are no photographers here, not because I don’t appreciate other photography work but because I live in a constant fear I’ll become an imitation, or worse a parody, of it.

Kevin Paul

Kevin provides various tips and tricks on wedding photography, portrait photography and family photography.