Types of Window Blinds for Your Home

Blinds and shades can greatly change how a room appears and create a more functional design for a room. There are a wide array of blinds and shades available on the market today. It can be challenging to shop for window treatments. If you had a hard time picking out your paint colors, just wait until you get to the windows. You’ll find new levels of stress and challenges when you get to the windows. You’ll have to consider shape and size as well as room decor.

Selecting Window Shades

To start with, you’ll have to consider how large and what shape your windows are before you ever begin looking at window treatments such as blinds and shades. Many treatments are better suited to specific window styles or shapes. You’ll also want to consider the use of the room. If it’s a bedroom or a kitchen you’ll want treatments that are reflective of such purposes. A smaller window may do well with a woven shade that allows light into a room while a bedroom may require something that will help to darken the room on a full moon night. The living and family room may present other concerns such as lighting at midday that may hamper whether or not someone can watch a movie. Also, be sure to consider the furnishings and the overall decor.

Custom Versus Ready Made Treatments

If you have a standard sized window, you likely won’t have any issues finding the ideal window treatment. However, many windows are custom sizes and you may have to opt for a custom treatment that is made for your specific style and size of window. Then you’ll also have to consider the materials or fabric of your treatment. If you can’t find it, you’ll have to have it made for you.

Ready made treatments are practical and easy to come by. However, if your window is longer or shorter or if it’s an unusual style you’ll have to opt for the custom made treatments. If you want good looking shades that aren’t expensive, you may wish to opt for a ready-made pleated shade or roller shade.

Here are ten popular kinds of window shades that you may wish to consider for window treatment options for your home.

1. Roman Shades

These are popular and easy to find. They are long and of a continuous piece of fabric. Horizontal styles will fold along the length of the Roman shade which allows you to raise and lower them. They are part conventional blinds and part fabric.

2. Pleated Shades

Just as the Roman Shades, the pleated shades are a single piece of material. However, they don’t drape the same and they are tighter. While they look like slats, they have a lot more folds.

3. Plantation Shutters

Modern functionality mixed with classic charm, plantation shutters strike the perfect balance in your home. There’s so many home now in newer estates using plantation shutters Sydney NSW because of their sleek modern look and the huge amount of features they have.

4. Cellular Or Honeycomb Shades

If you’re seeking to improve your energy efficiency, you’ll love the benefits of these shades. Made of fabric that is designed as a honeycomb, you’re going to find that these shades trap the air in between the honeycombs. This helps to retain heat in the winter months and keep your home cooler in the summer months.

5. Motorized Shades

These offer you excellent convenience. If you have ever struggled with a cord on the blinds, you’ll appreciate the ease of convenience that these have to offer you. Motorized shades are mechanical and have the convenience of being operated via the push of a button or a remote control. Ideal if you’re across the room with a baby in your arms and need to adjust the blinds;. You can tilt them or adjust them up or down all with the ease of a button.

6. Solar Shades

Solar shades off you a “sunglass” effect on your windows. Just as you pull your sunglasses on when you’re in the sun, your windows will adjust automatically to the level of light. This allows you to have a greater control over how bright your room is. The benefit of these is that you can still enjoy your view without having to close the blinds during the bright times of the day. The more light that is filtered the more opaque these will be.

7. Sheers And Semi-Sheers

Many people opt for sheers and semi-sheers. These are used in rooms that may not require privacy however, they will benefit from natural light and a bit of a buffer from the bright sunlight in the mid afternoon. You can adjust them accordingly and they work well with heavy draperies that you may not wish to close during the day but wish to filter light with.

8. Bamboo And Bali Shutters

These are lovely options. If you’ve seen a sushi rolling mat just picture that rolling mat window sized. Bamboo shades are ideal and also referred to as Bali shades. They’re sold by Bali. Ideal with Asian, African and global decors you’re sure to appreciate how they are affordable, sturdy, versatile and stylish. These are easy to find and very affordable options for your windows.

9. Natural Woven Shades

If you’re seeking a casual option, you may wish to go natural. These offer you an organic element in your home. You’ll find these made of reeds, grasses, and even other sustainable materials. They are very stylish and affordable and offer you plenty of privacy. Often used in conjunction with a roller shade or a liner, you’re sure to find that these have many options for your decor and are also very affordable window treatments.

10. Panel Track

If you’re seeking function and versatility, you may like how these look. They are made up of several panels and covered in fabric. They are easy to slide around and offer great privacy as well as light control. They are usually used in living room and dining areas or areas that have long windows. Usually, these are custom made unless you find them ready made to fit. Levolor, Century Shade & Blind Company, and even American blinds offer several options of panel track blinds.

11. Roller Blinds

These are readily available in a variety of fabrics and lifting systems. Many great companies produce these and you’ll find great options with Hunter Douglass and even Smith & Noble. Ideal when used alone or with drapes or even a valance, you’ll find these are great for filtering or blocking light.